• The foundation of our business is our clients trusting that we care about them. That we will always look out for their best interest throughout this often difficult process.
  • Honest and open communication is crucial to building a strong working relationship.
  • It is our duty to master the optimum techniques for selling and buying houses. We hire trainers and coaches to learn best practices as well as keeping up on the latest changes to Maryland law and contracts.
  • The decisions made during a real estate transaction often have a life-changing impact. We take our profession seriously and are humbled with the responsibility.

We are full-time top producing Realtors who are lifelong residents of Southern Maryland. We are invested in the community and our clients, many of whom have become personal friends. We look forward to the opportunity to help you buy or sell your next home!


Pre-Inspect Before Listing

There are lots of reasons it’s a much better process to have your home pre-inspected. Here are a few #1. On average pre-sale repairs cost 1/2 The buyers will have an inspection and once they discover the repairs they will demand that a certified plumber repair any plumbing issues, an electrician fix all the electrical issues and […]


Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Listing??

Did you know that a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned cars sell for $2000 more money? What about a house???


Which Upgrades Are Best

Assuming you might want to consider making some upgrades where should you start?


Replace The Carpet?

Buyers want to make their friends and family envious of their new home (your carpet is NOT helping)


Buying Foreclosures In Southern Maryland

So you think buying a foreclosure is a great deal huh? It could be, but it’s probably not. When looking at the price and photos the general rule is what your mom always told you… “If it looks too good to be true it’s probably full of mold” LOL Foreclosures Lets start with defining foreclosures. […]