2018 Stats

Average 26 Days On Mkt

55% faster than avg for SOMD

82% Sold In Less Than 30 Days

70% Sold In 2 Weeks Or Less

66% Sold OVER Appraisal!

** There is no * because these are the facts. There is no fine print, The Mayer Group gets results! Numbers Don’t Lie…

One of the biggest dilemmas when selling your home is finding the right Realtor.

Hiring the wrong real estate agent is risky because your home could end up sitting on the market without an offer or you could be forced to sell and compromise your bottom line.

You could even end up owning two homes or none at all!!

46% of houses don’t sell and it takes much more than a sign & cell phone photos to sell your house for the most money in 2019! There are 127 factors in the home sale process that determine if your house sells at the top of the market, the bottom, or not at all…