3 Biggest Mistakes Buyers Make When Buying A House

3 Biggest Mistakes Buyers Make


The three biggest mistakes buyers make when buying a house. Number one is calling the listing agent, the listing agent has a contractual obligation and is a fiduciary for the seller. Their job is to make sure they represent the seller’s interest in all situations and at no time are they going to be looking out for you.

There’s a big myth that you’re going to somehow get a better deal, just understand that when a seller picks an agent they pay the agent a certain amount of money to sell the house and then that agent pays the buyer’s agent. They’re not going to forfeit their money to you just because you don’t have a buyer’s agent so don’t call the listing agent.

The second biggest mistake I see people make is not vetting their real estate agent and just picking the person that calls them first. It might seem like the person who’s more available is the easier person to deal with therefore the best person to deal with. 87% of real estate agents get out of the business within five years the average real estate agent does less than 10 transactions a year. The mistakes made have life-changing impact, this is the biggest financial transaction most people make and a lot of people don’t put enough effort into vetting the real estate agent.

The third biggest mistake people make is making your buying decision primarily based on money. Understand that first of all you shouldn’t be looking at any houses that are not in your price range and assuming it is in your price range the difference between $5,000 or $10,000 is like $25 and $50 a month that will not change your life but living in a house that you don’t like will change your life.

A lot of times and this is really primarily focused on first-time home buyers, they’ll get stuck on this payment where they can’t go over $1,500 a month in this house is $1,525 so they’ll end up living in a house that they had to settle for because of that $25 a month. I think that’s a huge mistake.

I hope you found this information helpful if you’re looking for a realtor to help you find a house who will help you get a good deal and make sure they protect your interests throughout the process, I would love the opportunity to earn your business Text or call 443-624-9398