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Three Reasons To Choose The Mayer Group:
#1. We Are All On 100% – When we choose to work with a buyer, we are committed to Winning! We will search houses night and day, find them first, and beat other offers using our proven strategy.
#2. Partners – For 5+ years Brian was a Mortgage Lender and knows the best lenders in the business who offer down payment assistance, low rates and get the deal to the table. We also have strong relationships with contractors for estimates and repairs, inspectors, insurance agents, and the best title company around.

#3. Systems – We have the best systems for finding off-market properties, finding them first, and knowing when a deal is a deal or when to walk away.

Custom Home Search

Wait! Before you go to Zillow, Redfin,, and all those home websites, we have the whole list as in ALL the houses listed for sale in the MLS and some off-market houses only we can find. CONTACT us and we will set you up on an alert system to receive the houses within minutes of hitting the market (before the competition knows they are even there!)

My Response To The NAR Lawsuit

What’s Going On + My Thoughts… I have read ton of articles, communications from NAR, MAR, SMAR, eXp, and I have watched hundreds of YouTube videos about the recent changes in the real estate brokerage industry. I would like to address my past and future clients as well as the general public about this NAR […]

Alternative Mortgage Programs In Maryland 2024

In 2024 there are lots of different ways to buy a house without 20% down and we are not talking about FHA or VA. We are going to discuss what programs are out there that people don’t know about that can help you if you are thinking about a home in 2024.

So Far 2023 Is Meh But Picking Up Steam

Mortgage Application Are Down 39% So there is certainly no boom but there is also no bust going on in the real estate market. While mortgage applications for new purchases are down 39% compared to last year, they are up compared to recent weeks. Rates dipped to 6.2% which is the lowest since 9/22 which […]

Homebuying Hacks 2023

  When most people think of investing in residential property, they think about buying a small house and renting it for a few hundred dollars over the mortgage. The main problem with that plan is that in the current market, finding a house that will rent at a profit after a 6.5% mortgage is much tougher […]

To Sell Or Not To Sell, That Is The Question…

To Sell Or Not To Sell, That Is The Question… Here is my advice: If you NEED to move but are not sure when. The answer is yesterday, then today, then tomorrow in that order. Not the day after… I think every day that goes by will be worse than the previous day. Carpe Diem! […]

What 10% Interest Rates Will Do To The Real Estate Market 2022

I Contemplated Turning In My Real Estate License   I was brainstorming about what we could talk about in our next video and I asked Tim to send me some info on long-term interest rates. Like, what will rates be in 1,3, and 5 years from now… Seems like an interesting topic, I was secretly […]

Buying New Construction Advice

What To Watch Out For & What You Need To Know   Ever Thought About Buying New Construction? You get to build it your way, no fist fighting 20 buyers on your offer, and you lock in all the details upfront. What could go wrong right? Is wrong right proper grammar? Well, lots can go […]

How To Sell & Buy In 2022

The Ol’ Sell & Buy… Back in our day we just found a house while ours was under contract and it was super easy. Back then, people were just happy someone wanted to buy their house. Nowadays, if you slip up and tell a home seller you have a house to sell first, they might […]

Ready For War

Are You Ready For WAR?!   It’s time we recognize what it really is like to buy a house during this post pandemalyptic world we live in and yes I just made that word up. When you have to fight multiple desperate competing buyers, evermore greedy sellers, and real estate agents’ way-over-inflated egos, it is […]

Inflation & Interest Rates Are Up – What Is Going On?

Inflation & Interest Rates Are Up!!   Hey, it’s Chicken Little here! Just kidding! The sky is not falling but it is more expensive! Inflation is up over 7% and rates are going up as we speak. What Does This Mean: -For the real estate market? -Your ability to buy a house? -The economy? Also: […]