1. Why Partner with us at eXp

The first step is to watch the “Why Partner with us” video that shares the benefits you will have immediate access to with NAEA and Kinder Reese when you join eXp Realty. The additional value and support we bring to the table is such an advantage that we were asked not to “lead” with this information because it’s an unfair agent attraction advantage.

eXp Explained


Why Partner With Us


2. Research & Homework

The first step, in my opinion, is to read through the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA). I wish I had done this sooner.

Every agent interview our group has done is loaded on my partner Jay Kinder’s Youtube channel. These are great to gain perspective. We’ve interviewed everyone from 4 million dollar producers to mega-agent teams. Be sure to subscribe while you’re there so you get our latest videos.

I’m going to log in to my enterprise and request a “guest pass” so you can download the eXp World campus app and set up your avatar.  Use this application to explore the cloud campus. eXp World is going to be your new office! Go to each of the offices and get familiar with what they can do for you. Watch this quick video overview of eXp World and learn how to navigate around.

Here is a link to eXp’s Health Care options that were added last year

Here is a link to the Express Offers platform agents are using to compete with the Ibuyers.

Here is a link to eXp World Holdings where you can sign up for email updates on public filings and press releases from the company

Also here is the link to eXp for Brokerages and Teams video

Take a look at the training calendar. I suggest attending the following meeting and class.

  • Weekly Leadership Meeting

    • Auditorium

    • Fridays  8am pst // 10am cst // 11am est

  • eXp Agent Orientation

    • Auditorium

    • Tuesdays  8am pst // 10am cst // 11am est

    • Thursdays  12pm pst // 2pm cst // 3pm est

If you don’t receive an email from eXp to download the World app let me know asap.

See the Explore Guide – A comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about life at eXp Realty.

3. How to Join

This link https://brianmayer.exprealty.careers/ to the eXp online application.  I highly suggest you take this step immediately, even if you aren’t 100% ready to join. The transition process can take up 5-10 business days (2 weeks).  When filling out the application be sure to do two things:

  • List Brian Mayer as your sponsor,

  • Include any details ie. (husband/wife team, have a team of agents joining with you, have a license in another state)

After you apply send your eXp assigned Personal Join Code to Brian@TheMayerGroup.net and Tracy@jaykinder.com. We use this code to stay informed and follow your progress. See our checklist below for additional information on the system and how to access it.

It’s important to communicate with me and Tracy immediately upon filling out the application, especially if you have a team or mega agent team as this process needs to be managed differently for teams.

For teams, we need you to email the team name, a list of names, email addresses, and contact numbers for each team member.

4. On-Boarding

Download our onboarding checklist, and save it to your computer.  Our checklist has additional information for the eXp steps and includes training classes and additional steps you need to take.  The training we’ve listed covers all the basics and will answer most, if not all of your questions. Our goal is to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running once you’re on-boarded.

To ensure there are no delays check your status daily by visiting the status page and entering your personal status code that eXp assigned and included in the application confirmation email.  There are so many agents in the joining process, it’s easy to get pushed to the bottom of the pile if you aren’t responsive to emails requiring you to take action.  Make sure and check your email frequently and check your spam folder daily just in case.

You’ll receive an email with credentials to use for a 30-day guest pass to eXp World, with a  link to download the app. Make sure to download and install. This app is what you will use to contact eXp and where you’ll attend training.

Click and open Policy & Procedures: This will give you the dos and don’ts.

One of the most important parts of making this a smooth transition is rebranding. Everything you need to know to order signs, business cards, and other marketing/branding materials (including official logos) can be found by clicking  Brand Resources.

Here is a copy of the eXp on-boarding process.  Each state is a little different so make sure you look for the communications you will get as you go through the process.  You can always reach out to me if you have any questions!

5. Agent Attraction + Bonuses

One of the biggest advantages of joining eXp is having the support of your revenue share group. We introduce you to your revenue share group.  Here are some of the benefits.

Go here or click any of the links above to go to eXpert Mentors to sign-up and you’ll have full support to maximize your agent attraction efforts.  Be sure to watch the entire video.

Join our Facebook group so you get access to your rev share group immediately.  If you’ve not received the invitation inside Facebook yet send me an email to add you.  NOTE: Facebook requires us to be friends for the invitation link to work.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me by phone or text at 443-624-9398 or my email is Brian@TheMayerGroup.net if you have questions.  I’m your point of contact throughout this entire process.

P.S. When you get a chance to learn more about what happens after you submit your application go to www.PartnerFastStart.com