Find Listings Before They Hit The MLS

Sometimes good houses are hard to find…

When the market heats up like it is we’re getting multiple offers and tons of showings in a short amount of time, what we found is often buyers have a hard time getting a good deal. Sometimes they even have a hard time finding a house where they want to live.

Here are three strategies that we use to help buyers buy properties that are not listed on the MLS. The first strategy that we use is social media targeted marketing to a specific area. If want to move into a neighborhood, we have the ability to create advertisements that only run to people in a specific area. Just to give you an idea of how we do this, we take a picture of the front of the neighborhood sign, create an advertisement “Hey if you’re thinking about selling your house in this neighborhood in 2019 we have a buyer in waiting give me a call” lets see if we can make a deal. We just did this in Wildwood and we got five people to contact us and we were able to put together our buyer with a person who wanted to sell their house.

The next strategy that we use is we can call into the neighborhood. We have a tool that gives us names, phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses for homeowners address. We take a neighborhood, plug it into this tool and then call into the neighborhood “hey do you know anybody was thinking about selling the house, are you thinking about selling your house.” That’s a great way to leverage your time to call 50 or 60 people in the neighborhood and really get the word out quickly.

The last strategy is boots-on-the-ground. We get some flyers together and canvas the neighborhood. We just did this with a townhouse neighborhood and we had three people contact us and said they were thinking about selling their house in the next year. We were able to have our buyers go preview those houses that weren’t even on the internet and were not listed in the MLS.

So if you’re in the market in 2019 and you’re trying to find a way to get a good deal, or there’s a specific neighborhood that you want to move into, I would love to talk to you about how we can help you.