Inflation & Interest Rates Are Up – What Is Going On?

Inflation & Interest Rates Are Up!!


Hey, it’s Chicken Little here! Just kidding! The sky is not falling but it is more expensive! Inflation is up over 7% and rates are going up as we speak.

What Does This Mean:
-For the real estate market?
-Your ability to buy a house?
-The economy?
-Are we in a bubble?
-How much higher will rates go in 2022?
-Is the market going to crash like in 2007?

Interest Rate Hike! Market Update February 2022
I can’t help but hear the Country Boy Can Survive! song in my head when I write this email haha. It is going to be alright for now so don’t panic.

That does not mean everyone has the same experience when it comes time to buy and sell though. Even in this market, about 30% of houses that list for sale don’t sell the first time. It DOES matter who you hire…