Pre-Inspect Before Listing

There are lots of reasons it’s a much better process to have your home pre-inspected. Here are a few

#1. On average pre-sale repairs cost 1/2
The buyers will have an inspection and once they discover the repairs they will demand that a certified plumber repair any plumbing issues, an electrician fix all the electrical issues and so on.

In fact, in the actual Maryland contract form called The Property Inspections Notice it states that

#2. Pre Negotiate The Repairs

In the photo below we sold 8430 Stock Drive with an addendum stating the roof will NOT be replaced. In fact, we got multiple offers in 3 days so we counter offered that whoever didn’t want a new roof would win the deal (The pre-inspection noted 4 leaks and rotten plywood $12,500)

You lose the power to negotiate once the price has been agreed on and the inspection is afterward…

#3. Buyers Perceive Houses That Have Been Pre-Inspected Are Worth More $$$
Now we are getting into the secret sauce of selling houses for more money! It’s all about getting the buyer to perceive the house is worth more money and it translates into up to 1 – 2% more!!!

Think about it, 2 similar houses each 20 years old and the buyer is making the largest financial decision of their life to this point and one house is a Certified Pre-owned Toyota house and the other is a roll the dice and see what happens during the home inspection house…

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p.s. we financially invest in our client’s success. A pre-inspection, appraisal, staging, professional photos are just a few things we pay for, to learn more watch this video HERE