Prevent Greedy Buyers From Stealing Your Equity

Sometimes selling your house turns into a full-contact sport. There are all kinds of buyers out there! Most of them are great to work with but sometimes they can get a little greedy.


I’m going to give you three tips on how to prevent yourself from getting bullied by a greedy home buyer. The first tip is to have your house pre-appraised when you know what the house price is, you can negotiate from a position of strength also the buyer will believe the price of the appraiser over any real estate agent any day of the week. They are going to feel more comfortable paying full price or asking price for the house. When you know the price and they know the price, it is a lot harder for them to push you around at the negotiating table.

The second tip is to have your house pre-home inspected. This allows you to figure out everything that’s wrong with the house and fix the things that you want to fix and then when it comes time to negotiate you can actually negotiate out of doing repairs.

One thing to keep in mind is once you’ve agreed on the price, your profit margin can only go one way and that’s down. Everything that the buyer asks for is going to come out of your pocket. Again your negotiating from a position of strength because you know what’s wrong with the house and you can negotiate out of the repairs and you can get things fixed ahead of time.

My third piece of advice is to make sure you hire Certified Home Selling Advisor. Someone who’s been certified by the National Association of Expert Advisors. Less than 1% of real estate agents nationwide hold this certification. It means that you’ve been extensively trained on how to sell houses for up to 18% more money using a proven process that’s backed by extensive research.

The best part of the process is we pay for a pre-appraisal a pre-home Inspection we pay for a home staging consultant to come to your house and explain how to get your house ready for today’s home buyer. We also get professional photos and video, if you want to learn more about how we sell houses for more money using a proven system click the link below and I’ll send you a video that explains everything my name is Brian Mayer with The Mayer Group make it a great day