Ready For War

Are You Ready For WAR?!


It’s time we recognize what it really is like to buy a house during this post pandemalyptic world we live in and yes I just made that word up.

When you have to fight multiple desperate competing buyers, evermore greedy sellers, and real estate agents’ way-over-inflated egos, it is often all-out pandemonium.

I know what it’s like to go to war and win using a military tactic known as force multiplier. In other words attack from land, sea, and air simultaneously!

We must gather intel by knowing what everyone wants and how they want it. Remember it’s not just the sellers who need convincing it’s mostly their Realtor and knowing what they want is also key. Not every seller is only looking for the highest offer.

There are other things to consider that many people don’t think of like how long is the seller required to wait for settlement, what inspections/repairs will the buyer want, how solid is the financing, just how bad do you really want the house?
BTW how do you even define winning? Keeping both kidneys, only writing 10 offers, only paying 50k over asking? How about getting the right house instead of the wrong house?

According to experts, this real estate market will remain tough for a long time …so instead of thinking it was a blip and will go back to “normal” soon, let’s prepare for the reality of today and what is to come over the next few years.