Replace The Carpet?

Replace The Ugly Green Carpet Or Not???

That is the question! So the answer is of course it depends… 

There are lots of factors to consider but as a general rule here is what we know

#1. People make buying decisions emotionally and justify their decision with logic after the fact (heard of an impulse buy?)
#2. People’s emotions are triggered by what they see visually – hang with me there is a point here
Most buyers go to settlement with less than $1500 in the bank (I was a lender for 5 years it’s true!)
#4. Buyers perceive repairs and upgrades as 2-7 x the actual cost plus the hassle of having to do the work
#5. Buyers want to make their friends and family envious of their new home (your carpet is NOT helping)

Using this logic lets determine if you should replace the carpet!

Buyers will make the offer based on how strongly they feel that they must have your house which is determined by what they see – the cost & hassle of repairs – losing the envy of friends and family = YOUR OFFER makes sense right?!

From here we can determine as a general rule …yes you should replace the emerald green carpet in the dining room!!!

Thats actually only the beginning I made this video to explain more reasons about the buyers decision process