Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Listing??

Did you know that a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned cars sell for $2000 more money? A 120 point inspection and warranty are the two differences between a regular used Toyota and a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned car. What does that have to do with selling houses?

On average homes that have been pre-inspected and come with a home warranty sell for 1-2% more money WOW!

Think about it, the house purchase is the single largest purchase most people make in a lifetime and buyers are petrified about what repairs they will have to make after they move in.

By demonstrating the house has been through a 120 point inspection has multiple advantages more on that in this video. But one of the main advantages is the fact that the house is perceived to be worth more money because its a safer bet.

All things being equal a buyer will perceive a pre-inspected house to be worth 1-2% more money. Stack a free home warranty on and you have a game changer!