Vanilla Upgrades Will Attract Vanilla Offers

People love to brag about the things they buy and when it comes to buying a house, people love to make their friends and family jealous. Understanding psychology is key to selling your house for the most money. Many times home sellers are thinking of things very pragmatically. Wanting to focus on the practical benefits of a home like added insulation 2×6 walls, the decking material. I hear things like “the roof is really new and the HVAC is great.”

When it comes to buying a house it really comes down to what will make my sister jealous or my mom and dad proud of me. When you’re sitting down with your budget and you’re trying to figure out what things you’re going to do and what things you’re not going to do. If you are going to cut corners on every single little thing and you’re going to make everything, let’s just use this word vanilla, you’re going to get someone who feels vanilla about your house.

If you’re willing to spend some money on the things that get people really excited, you can overcome a lot of negatives that would otherwise draw in a low ball offer. So things like granite counter tops, stainless appliances, and let me just tell you really quick guys. I have a contractor who puts in granite counter tops in my client’s houses for an average of $2,000 and we recommend a used appliance store where you can get all stainless appliances for about $1,500.

For $3,500 if you could take the average kitchen and put in stainless appliances and granite counter tops, and now give it a wow factor, that is an exponential improvement. But the point that I want to make here, guys, is you have to be looking at this home sale strategically and understanding the psychology or what makes people make decisions is crucial to positioning yourself to get the most money.