Viral Real Estate Marketing

At The Mayer Group, we are generally known for two things…

#1 Viral Marketing
#2. Selling Houses Quickly

In this video, we had a listing that we received 15 showing requests on in less than 24 hours. We used our Coming Soon program where we saturate the social media market using targeted ads to people who are likely to move. In this campaign we had almost 1000 people click the ad, 23 shares and tons of comments.

What happens is when people comment and share, their friends see it and when someone tags someone else in a real estate post its the same as saying publically “Hey Tom I found a house for you!”

What do you think other interested people think in their minds when they see all the comments, likes, & shares???? “This house is going to sell fast we need to move quickly on this one!”

What Happened??

23 showings, 3 offers and we accepted an offer 15k OVER the appraised price and settled in 3 weeks! Sold Fast & For MORE MONEY!