Which Upgrades Get The Most Money When Selling A House

Which Upgrades Are The Best?

People always ask me how to get the most bang for your buck when selling a house. There is no answer that fits everyone the same but there are some general rules. Firs that putting effort into the process is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA!

From there focusing on the kitchen, master bathroom and decorating the home to sell are where your attention should be.

Understand that buyers are willing to pay the most money when they are excited about a house and believe repairs and upgrades are 2x – 10x their actual cost.

Buyers typically purchase a home with little to no money so whatever the condition of the home during purchase will likely stay the same for months/years to come and when there are cringe worthy rooms or decorations they will cost you big $$$!

At The Mayer Group we hire a home staging consultant to meet with all of our clients to tell them everything they could and should do to sell their house for the most money. That is the goal after all!